F. A. Q.s

Frequent Questions & Answers
1 - How can I subscribe? 
Subscribe for free and get 4 Points free to Test the Service. 
A- Sign In 
with your facebook, twitter or google active accounts or 
B- Register new account by as follows:
• Click here to go to the registration page for free "http://yoursms.mazeed.co/eng/users/register"
fill in all the required data in the registration page for free (mobile number, password, password confirmation,
e-mail, identifier Mobile Number if any, and the security code in the captcha validation) 
Note: the mobile number must be in the International form: 966559379471 without + or 00
• You will receive activation code at your mobile you will use it with your 
mobile number and password to complete the registration..
• You will get 4 free points to test the service
2 - I tried the service, and I want to buy a quantity of messages .. 
• The minimum quantity to be purchased is 1000 SMS .
• Please transfer the value of the required quantity into one of our bank accounts and check the recharge category for more details or simply charge via buying our sms bundles from One Card
• Sign in to your account and click on Charge Account then add charge request 
from the right menu .
3 - Is there any expiry date for the SMS?
• Your SMS credit is valid for 1 year from the date of the last charge operation .
Sending system and its Apps
1 - How can I request/ get Sender name ?
• Click on the Send Button then Click on Add Sender Name
• Enter the required sender name with not more than 11 characters in English only then press Add .
• YourSMS.Net Team will review your request and if approved you will have it active on your sender names or also at drop down menue under Send Bulk SMS
2. Is there any limitation on the number of sender names allowed ?
• yes, first we have to verify that you have the right to use the Sender Name 
• if it's individual account you only can use verified mobile number as a sender name.
• Corporate customers need to send us the commercial register Clear copy to our Team at B2C@yoursms.net and mention your account and contat person: once we recieve your request via the system and getting back to your company commercial registeration it will be reviewed and if approved it will be activated automatically
3. How can I send for one number and several numbers ?
• Click on Send then Send Bulk SMS
• Select your Sender name
• Select the groups you need and or Write the mobile number that you want to send to it in the international 
format as: 966505050505 if you needed to add more individual numbers you can add as many as you wish as follows
966559379471, 966559379471, 966559379471, 966559379471 .
• Select a ready text message from our SMS Templates or write your own message
• Select when you need to send your SMS : Now or Later 
• if you selected to send now then you will click on submit and next page will show the summary of your message, total number of reciepients, how many points will be deducted from your ballance, and the message body. 
• if it is okey for you you can click on Send
if you need to scheduale a message to be sent later you need to select later from time to send options and then select future time and date when you need it to be sent.
• The message will be saved until the specified time comes and it will 
be send automatically.
How to add numbers
1 - I have a big group of numbers how can I add all this .. 
General Questions:
. Why YourSMS.Net? 
• Economy Solutions
• Easy to Use Applications
• Web Access from Anywhere
• We guarantee the SMS delivery and the speed of delivery 
• where we have many SMS centers and we guarantee the recharge if there was any unexpected loss of SMS 
• 24/7 technical support where you can contact with will trained experts in the SMS customers service. 
• Quick response for your orders and requests where we make available number of human resources to satisfy the quick and quality of response
• We provide packages of services and free software which built exclusively for our services to fit our customers’ needs, and we are always welcoming the new ideas and suggestions you can send it to the technical support department or customer care center 
. How the number of characters does calculated in the ..
• The single English message length is 160 characters but when 
sending long message 
(more than 160 chars) the firs message will be calculated as 153 chars for the first 
message and 153 for the next message and so on. 
• The single Arabic message length is 70 characters but when 
sending long message 
(more than 70 chars) the firs message will be calculated as 67 chars for the first . 
message and 67 for the next message and so on 
. How could I remove sender name?
• You can’t remove the sender names but you can hide it by press on Send button, then Select Sender Name Organizer and then press on Hide infront of the sender name you need to make it hidden
. Could I buy a quantity less than 1000?
• No you can Not